Applegater - Winter 2017

    Photo by Marilyn Terry

1 Heroes in the Applegate [by Shelley Manning] (Cont'd p.14)
The Applegate is rich in nearby theatrical opportunities [by Diana Coogle] (Cont'd p.15)
The Applegater at the Literary Arts Festival
Obituary | Arthur Nelson Cauble
Obituary | Michael James Kuzma
Obituary | Dennis Dragon (Cont'd p.20)
(more Obituaries on page 21) (Cont'd p.21)
3 Applegate winners (again!) at Smoked Salmon Festival [by Paul Tipton]
Applegate Valley Connect is live!
Gentle Heart Animal Advocacy
Onyx Restaurant
Rebel Heart Books
Suzanne E. Sky, L.Ac., MTOM
Time Machine Records and Boutique
4 Losing everything to fire [by Greeley Wells]
BOOK REVIEW: Petty, the Biography by Warren Zanes [reviewed by J.D. Rogers]
POETRY CORNER: Winter Solstice [by David C. Shiah]
5 Fine Print | Who We Are | Our Mission | Acknowledgements
A huge THANKS to the generous donors who recently contributed to the Applegater
Editorial Calendar
Featured Advertiser: Green Leaf Lab
Inside the Gater
6 Jackson County Library Services:
Applegate Library [by Kristi Cowles & Joan Peterson]
Ruch Library [by Thalia Truesdell]
Josephine Community Libraries:
Williams branch chess club and storytime [by Evelyn Roether]
Property owners outside new library district can opt in [by Brandace Rojo]
A Greater Applegate [by Seth Kaplan]
Pacifica [by Peg Prag]
McKee Bridge Historical Society [by Paul Tipton]
8 THE STARRY SIDE: Telling the future [by Greeley Wells]
9 DIRTY FINGERNAILS AND ALL: Structure, function, and vision [by Sioux Rogers]
10 Cantrall Buckley Park News [by Jeremy Criswell]
Public Invitation: Special community meeting of the Cantrall Buckley Park Committee - December 13
Message from Jackson County Parks [by John Vial]
11 BIRD EXPLORER: The bird tree [by Peter J. Thiemann]
You can't miss the supersized Ceanothus Silkmoth [by Linda Kappen]
12 ATA receives grant for new trailhead [by Diana Coogle]
ATA Trail Maintenance Work Parties - DEC 3, FEB 11, MAR 11
After wildfire come wildflowers: A boon for pollinators [by Suzie Savoie]
13 GRAPE TALK: A wine cocktail is more than just sangria [by Debbie Tollefson]
Voices of the Applegate: Winter Concerts - DEC 1 & 3 [by Joan Peterson]
14 DISCOVER: Stories on the Land by McKinley & Frank [excerpted by Diana Coogle]
Heroes in the Applegate (continued from page 1)
Prevent flue fires! [by Tallie Jackson]
15 Theatrical opportunities (continued from page 1)
Theater information and upcoming presentations
16 Upper Applegate Watershed planning and the Miller Complex Fire [by Don Boucher]
Real climate change versus fake climate change [by Alan Voetsch]
Appreciate the Applegate life [by Sandy Shaffer]
River Right | Good government, good parks [by Tom Carstens]
A summer of beneficial wildfire in the Applegate Valley [by Luke Ruediger]
Behind the Green Door | Entrenched in conflict [by Chris Bratt]
Clean Energy Jobs a win-win solution for Applegate residents [by Alan Journet]
20 Local fruit-tree propagation effort [by Brad Smith]
Dennis Dragon [continued from page 2]
21 OBITUARIES continued:
Obituary | Bridget Marie Nilson
Obituary | Clyde Clarence Wilson Jr.
Holiday season at Ruch School [by Julie Barry]
Applegate Valley welcomes two new school leaders
Ruch School and the arts [by Cheryl Whitney]
23 Woodland Charter School celebrates the seasons [by Michelle LaFave & Christine Leonard]
Applegate School volleyball team scores again! [by Diana West]
Upgrade your home or business with a discounted ductless heating system
24 Look who's reading the Gater

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